Caribbean Poker Strategies

Like any other poker game in existence, anyone who wishes to make money playing Caribbean Stud should have a seamless strategy in place. The following strategy takes into consideration a five card stud game with a 5% house edge.

How to Play

In Caribbean Stud, both the player and the dealer receive five cards on the initial deal. Unlike other poker variations, these are the only cards that will be in play during the hand. At this point, the player will only need to decide to fold or call before comparing their hand with the dealer's for a possible payout. Though the primary point of the game is to build a winning poker hand, sometimes the player with the highest card in their hand takes the pot.

When to Raise

Since the odds of building the best poker hands in Caribbean Stud are slim, players may choose to raise the stakes significantly for something as low as a pair of Jacks; this is especially true if the dealer has a high up-card as obtaining a high pair is unlikely. Players should always raise if they are holding a Flush, Full House or Royal Flush as these are nearly impossible to receive in Caribbean Stud.

Play Conservatively

The final strategy that Caribbean Stud players should remember is to always play conservatively. The house edge for this game is unusually high, and players who get too wrapped up may lose more money than they can afford. Players should always bet wisely and remember that high payouts carry considerably low odds; even a payout of two to one should be celebrated.

Though Caribbean Stud is certainly fun and simple to play, the high house edge means it is simply not the first choice among poker variations. Those who choose to play should do so carefully and place very safe bets in order to protect their bankrolls.